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  • Ultra-thin thermal insulation «BRONYA» (Russia). It is a nano-technology product with same insulating properties as conventional products but much thiner. One millimeter of BRONYA is an equivalent of 5 centimeters of conventional insulation. There is a very wide range of applications — hot and cold piping systems, oil tanks, building facades, and much more.
  • MES-Engineering (Russia). Waste recycling plant with possibility of generating electric power. The main advantages of this technology comparing with its competitors is very wide range of wastes to be used, environmental friendly exhaust, compact size, low price and low opex.
  • OPRA Turbine (Holland). Unique radial gas turbine able to work with low calorific value gas. Its compact size and robust design together with environmental friendly exhaust makes it best solution for many industries as well as pairing with MES-Engineering recycling plant as a generating component.